Previous Stock

We are as proud of our current racing stock as well as our previous racing stock who have been retrained and gone onto other homes to do a different walk of life. 

From riding horses to eventers we successfully find homes of our horses we believe want to go on and re-educate them. 

Copious Katie

Katie was one of the first horses bought by Furlong Equestrian, a lovely chestnut mare by Notnowcato. She started her training really well and always aimed to please trying her hardest.

Although after three starts it became clear to us she wasn't happy on the track in her current job despite being a hard worker, so the decision was made to give her some time off and re-school her. 

She is now enjoying her life as a riding horse, particularly in the ROR Dressage classes with her new rider, who from being told loves her to pieces and she will have a forever home with her.